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WARNING***GRAPHIC VIDEO** kisii women lynching

what we saw in not execution, it was not killing, it was more than murder, it was 10,000 times more painful than what the Jews went thru at the concentration camp. This was worse than murder. This went beyond torture. I dont see a word for it.

The Area Mp is Honorable Onyonka. Please contact him and let him tell the world why some of his constituent s are murdering others and where is the justice for the lynched

Korogocho Chronicles versus Muthaiga II versus Wangige Mitumba

We the Duly Born Children of Rucy and Mwai Wa Kibaki hereby file case number 999 at nairobi courts. We the 4 four duly erected childlen are suing the Defendant for claiming that our Dury married Father is married to another Political activist Mary Wambui mwai Nyina wa Wangui wa Arutian mathoroko hereby to be reffered to Ms Mwai wa Muthaiga III.
The facts are as follows:
The Defendant who is known to be a Political Domo DOMO made statement that our Duly Married Mather attacked a certain media house due to its publication our dury mather eviction of Notorious World Bank Party Animal who had rented Our Mather Muthaiga II Safe House. As you know our Mother is known to retreat into the Muthaiga II so that she can avoid the Nuisance of Poor Korogocho Slum Dwellers.

Our Father is a Man of few words, a well tempered man and a Political Genius who was able to rescue our people from the Return of corrupt Crooks from the 41 other tribes also known as NDURIRIS or Tumundus . He won the erections and is now luring Kenya for the benefit of our people from Othaya.
We want the Defendant to be committed to civil jail for a period of 10 days. The defendant is As broke as a Church Mouse he has no penny or asset to his name expect three of four Suits tailored in Wangige Market.

Dr Mutua – House Boys Spokesperson
Dr Raila Amollo Our Dad Head watch
Dr Kofi Anan our DAD International Representative
HE Kolonel Murmar Gaadhafi – Our Hotel Managing Director
H.E. EBS – IRANain President Our Share Cropper in Nyanza Province
Devani – Our Dad Banker
P Kamami Brothers – Our Dad Army Consultants

Jesus Christ Obama must Jail this Wall street Criminals

I mad as hell watching this show. the Corporate Media and Wall Street Criminals have decided to Kill the American Investor.

I do not watch Cable News anymore because the POWER be in USA have decided to Control and sell Lies as Journalism

Cramer Mad Money is a GOOD example of a Liar who should be punished
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Dear readers it is one year aftter the civil coup

what has the GCG achieved so far? very little but at least kenya is peaceful and we are still hopeful that we are going to prevail and restore democracy after Kibaki Coup.
I want to remind every man and woman that Kenya has failed because She is not Free. When I named my blog Freedom of choice I thought that the given a choice Most men and women would choose democracy over anarchy or dictatorship. I was wrong in Kenya we had a civilan coup led by Mwai Kibaki and supported by most of 4 million voters majority from Central province of kenya.

The fact of the Matter is that PNU Junta is still standing because PNU supporters have not given up and want to keep power at all costs
But I am now hopeful that we as Kenyans are finally realizing that Kibaki is Problem number one the Man has left a BIG vacuum in kenyan leadership that is sucking everyone and wrecking havoc from east to west.

Former President of Ghana John Kuffour is accused of Stealing presidential Motorcade

African leaders are just funny animals who do not want to follow any protocol or laws. it looks like Kuffour wants to steal the presidential motorcade

Listen to the President Atta Mills and Former President Kuffor spokesman duke it out

Bloody Bure Kenya Journalists are Cowards and Punks

There is enough evidence that Wambui Mwai is connected to State house but when Gen Kegs De Othayas asked for the Freaking Kenyan Journalists to ask questions they all tucked their bloody tails and failed to ask questions.
Next Press Conference Which there will be about One Wife and I am not an Adulterer but an Erection thief
Ask the Erection thief
1. Why does Wambui Mwai have Armed Police Protection
2. Why did Kibaki Brother and sister state that he paid dowry for Wambui Mwai
3. Why does Wambui Mwai drive GOK vehicles
4. What was Wambui Mwai Role in Standard Raid?
5. Who is Wangui Wambui mwai?
That is all I want you Punks to ask.

Bloody Bure Nyinyi

Mama Lucy We Love you still

I just transferred all my 401K to bonds fund very sad day in USA

I never thought the Armegodon was ever going to hit this country in my early life. I just thought that USA capitalism had a few decades left before it could crash but since last year October I have learnt that that is not the case. Investors have lost 10 trillions dollars since the market crises started on a Personal Level my retirement fund is down 38%. meaning if I have 100,000 I have lost 38,000 yet to be realized losses.
If the market Hits 3000 it is over and I will be packing my bags back to Africa

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