Bloody Bure Kenya Journalists are Cowards and Punks

There is enough evidence that Wambui Mwai is connected to State house but when Gen Kegs De Othayas asked for the Freaking Kenyan Journalists to ask questions they all tucked their bloody tails and failed to ask questions.
Next Press Conference Which there will be about One Wife and I am not an Adulterer but an Erection thief
Ask the Erection thief
1. Why does Wambui Mwai have Armed Police Protection
2. Why did Kibaki Brother and sister state that he paid dowry for Wambui Mwai
3. Why does Wambui Mwai drive GOK vehicles
4. What was Wambui Mwai Role in Standard Raid?
5. Who is Wangui Wambui mwai?
That is all I want you Punks to ask.

Bloody Bure Nyinyi

Mama Lucy We Love you still

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