Will Obama and Hillary Play hard ball tactics with Moribund Kibaki

One thing I have to agree with Maendeleo Tupu is that Kenya Civil socieety is so vibrant and full of Ready soldiers. When Kenyans for Peace decided to lobby USofA directly to DEal with the THEFT I was of the idea that Usofa would not want to be involved Boy was I wrong. Bush SENT his cabinet secretary to look at the Thief in the eye and tell him “YOU stole we know it and we are giving you a chance either to hang you by the balls or shoot you and burry you like the dog you are”

Now we Know that Githongo Single effort have made corruption unpalatable for the High maldrins Biwott, Moi, Kulei, MKM mafias and ECHM (yehudi agents) are on the run trying to self preserve

Pundit Tib bit about Maina efforts and his connection with Obama is just a show that determination is there to NAIL the mafias one and for all.

One thing is for sure Kenya is READY for A revolution.. Kenya is in its final months of a pregancy 115 years in making
Colonial 68 years
Post indepencence over 47

If jaramogi, masinde, Kagia and all those who have fallen were to wake up today they would be PROUD that their EFFORTS Are bearing Fruits mdogo mdogo who would have THUNK that the THIEF actions on that fateful december night was going to Liberate Kenya in a big way

Thank You kibaki for stealing elections at least you hastened the eventuality and have helped the citizens to Fight for their RIGHT TO BE FREE


2 thoughts on “Will Obama and Hillary Play hard ball tactics with Moribund Kibaki

  1. owuor says:

    Why isolate one side of the problem? Raila with his gang of 40 Kanu thieves (ruto, ngumo, mudavadi, sally kosgey, kosgey, ngilu, ntimama..etc) including his son fidel (maize scandal) are also a gang that needs sorting out unless you are one of the tribalists campaigning for ODM in the blogs pretending to be a reformer.
    We have Kumekucha already doing that perfectly so you better craw back to the wood work you emerged from.

    • njamba says:

      thanks for your input.. Hillary and Obama understand that there are no good guys in the GCG. But USof A have repeatedly said whoever blocks reforms or power sharing will pay. This where my analysis are coming from

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