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Kenyan White aristrocrat who shoots africans for fun

Now that Chomodely is out is there a lawyer out there who can file a civil suit on Njoya’s family behalf. The justice system in Kenya only Jailed this man for five months for killing Njoya and he was set free by attorney general on earlier murder of an African Black neighbor. It is time to bankrupt the Lord Dalmere farm and send this racist murderer back to Europe where his kind belongs

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Njenga – The nationalist, the cult leader, and Scholar


he Kenya National Youth Alliance: An Apology
The history of nations is written with the bloody point of a sword; the road to nationhood is paved with the corpses of heroes; the rivers of sovereignty, emancipation, social justice and equity burst their banks with the blood of believers. Our ancestors were martyred that we might possess this land. The war they fought, the deeds they signed, the alliances they made, all these brought us to that morning of December 12th 1963. Uhuru! And on December 12th 1964, the Republic of Kenya was realised. Independent, free, sovereign

Source: Kenya Imagine;Njoroge Matathia


My thoughts on the “reported Draft Consistution”

I would propose that the following FINE tuning be done during the retreat next week
PM be Directly elected
President post be scrapped all together ( or become a PURELY ceremonial Post)
Pm must command the biggest number of Mps in Parliament

PM can be impeached by 2/3 of MPS

Creation of a Senate that will check the excesses of Parliament or Executive

All others Proposals Makes sense

But we DO NOT Need two centers of power in Kenya
Kibaki and Raila Marriage has shown how dangerous this is … index.html


Irrational Greed Is NOT good

Like that of this whole PHD who could not do simple research and ensure that he was not scammed and almost killed by Conkary 419 (nigerian ran Fraud) scam. I still do not understand how kenyans get caught up in these silly investments scams and ponzi schemes. THis man son who is in USA should be rashed on his buttocks nine times for endangering his father’s life with bullshit
These scammers who are running multi billion dollars scamming operations in West Africa are dangerous merciless criminals.

GLobal warming will millions if not thousands of Kenyans

While the Rich countries are using corn to make ethanol. In kenya my home country thousands have died in the last fews years from famine. The weather in kenya have become unpredictable and erratic. It rains when it is not supposed to eg it will rain during harvest when farmers need sun to dry their cereals (maize, beans, millet, wheat etc) and it is dry during planting season. Right now heavy flooding is being exprienced in all part of the country and hopefully this will alleviated the suffering
Watch the clip below to see how the Wretched of the earth live

Time for Obama to Leave middle East and focus his efforts

In saving lifes in Sudan and Zaire. So Far 4.3 million Africans have died in Genocides in sudan and congo while the world Cheers genocide perpertators along.
obama should leave republicans to finish the Middle East nation building project and concentrate on earning his Nobel credentials by stopping and arresting Genociders in Zaire and Sudan.

Otherwise I am more convinced that Afghanistan and Iraq wars are just about American Greed for Oil

Nkunda and Omar Bashir should be place on Pentagon Deck Of cards and taken out

Obama must stop appeasing Genocide Perperators
Embedded video from CNN Video

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Energy Cost in Kenya should come down in a decade

With Discovery of Coal in Mui basin in Eastern province and the possibility of striking oil in North Eastern kenya and on going efforts by GOK to diversify the energy production via Green technology I predict that the price of energy will come down considerably in a decade given that the governance situation continues to improve.

kenya strikes Oil in Isiolo

Now you will see madness in kenya. The violatile Region of isiolo will become even more unstable. I hope this discovery is delayed for another 10 years Kenya is not ready for any FREE money like petrol dollars

China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s Xie Wensheng (right), former Chinese envoy Zheng Ming and Education Minister Sam Ongeri at Isiolo Stadium recently. The firm supported various community projects. Photo/FILE

Kenya is smelling petrodollars. The EastAfrican can authoritatively report that in two weeks, the country is expecting to join the league of oil producers on the continent.

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International firms step up search for oil and gas reserves in Kenya
Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi was bubbling with optimism when he told this newspaper on Thursday, “In a matter of days, we could be celebrating. God willing, I shall be announcing a historical discovery at the end of the month.”

Christmas will indeed come early should the drilling of a five-kilometre deep well in Isiolo by a Chinese firm, set to begin next week on October 28, strike oil.

And this time around, unlike as with past attempts that ended in disappointment after sinking billions into empty wells, Mr Murungi insisted, “We have done our homework and all indications are that Kenya will join Uganda in celebrating the status of a new oil producer.

“We can’t tell the size of the deposits we have yet, and there is a remote possibility that they may not be sufficient to qualify for commercial drilling, but that too will be known at the end of the month,” he said.

He added that he was convinced the seismic trials undertaken over the past two years are not lying.

Kenya’s optimism is informed by the geographical location of the prospective deposits — “not too far” from oil-rich Southern Sudan, whose deposits, according to the Ministry of Energy, extend into the neighbouring areas of Kenya, and also feed Uganda’s newly discovered deposits, which are found even under Lake Victoria.

The China National Offshore Oil Corporation will start drilling for oil at Block 9, Bogal 1-1, near Isiolo in northern Kenya next week.

The company is expected to spend up to $20 million to drill the Bogal 1-1 well.

Over the past three years, the company has invested about $15 million to gather data and analyse it.

“The Anza basin well will be the deepest ever drilled in Kenya,” Mr Murungi said.

The company is also licensed to explore oil deposits in the Lamu basin.

Kenyans be aware of a Net conman called Al Kags

He borrowed (sorry Conned me) $500 back in 2007. According to his official story he needed air ticket to south Africa to pitch for his new internet company. I being an online acquitance agreed to help this man I wired him $500 and I got a letter promising to pay the loan in a few weeks (in due time I will publish all this emails and letters). Upto to date the man has not honored his promise to repay the loan despite several collection efforts, letters, phone calls, emails etc. Since Al Kags is working in the ICT industry I want all bloggers out there to be aware that this man cannot and should not be trusted.

I will be suing him in a few weeks

This the frantic Email this Con Man sent
On 1/15/07, Al Kags wrote:
Hi Njamba,

Thanks a lot for this. I will send you a PDF letter from my official email shortly. Will let you know whether to send me the cash or to pay the airline. My travel agent gets special rates and since he’s a friend, i’m trying to see if I can use that system – make it look as if he’s paying.


Nigerian pays $1 Million to peep at Beyonce BOOBS

For a Million he better be seeing and touching more

For a Million he better be seeing and touching more

Nduka Obaigbena, the publisher of Thisday is many things to many people. But in this undated photo, a revelation of unimaginable proportion was that Mr. Obaigbena actually paid Beyonce Knowles $1 million just to take a peep at her unbuttoned chest.

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