Kenyans be aware of a Net conman called Al Kags

He borrowed (sorry Conned me) $500 back in 2007. According to his official story he needed air ticket to south Africa to pitch for his new internet company. I being an online acquitance agreed to help this man I wired him $500 and I got a letter promising to pay the loan in a few weeks (in due time I will publish all this emails and letters). Upto to date the man has not honored his promise to repay the loan despite several collection efforts, letters, phone calls, emails etc. Since Al Kags is working in the ICT industry I want all bloggers out there to be aware that this man cannot and should not be trusted.

I will be suing him in a few weeks

This the frantic Email this Con Man sent
On 1/15/07, Al Kags wrote:
Hi Njamba,

Thanks a lot for this. I will send you a PDF letter from my official email shortly. Will let you know whether to send me the cash or to pay the airline. My travel agent gets special rates and since he’s a friend, i’m trying to see if I can use that system – make it look as if he’s paying.



2 thoughts on “Kenyans be aware of a Net conman called Al Kags

  1. acolyte says:

    Pole sana, best of luck!

  2. njamba says:

    THANKS learnt my lesson

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