My thoughts on the “reported Draft Consistution”

I would propose that the following FINE tuning be done during the retreat next week
PM be Directly elected
President post be scrapped all together ( or become a PURELY ceremonial Post)
Pm must command the biggest number of Mps in Parliament

PM can be impeached by 2/3 of MPS

Creation of a Senate that will check the excesses of Parliament or Executive

All others Proposals Makes sense

But we DO NOT Need two centers of power in Kenya
Kibaki and Raila Marriage has shown how dangerous this is … index.html


One thought on “My thoughts on the “reported Draft Consistution”

  1. njamba says:


    Kalulu said,
    Politician Njamba, two centres of power can work very well if there are powerful institutions which can check the excesses of anybody deemed to hold too much power.

    Take other examples of the world- USof A president can nuke the whole world if he so wanted, but he cant because the congress, the senate and the supreme court would roast his
    UK system- the Prime minister can stay in power for ever if he/she wishes, ‘cos there are no term limits, and even worse the UK DOES NOT HAVE A WRITTEN CONSTITUTION…but no prime minister has ever lasted a day longer than her/his sell-by date…

    I think Kenya needs strong and bonded institutions that can protect the ahoi from rogue aristocrats…

    AND…to tame the rogues…I THINK KENYA NEEDS A HOUSE OF CHIEFS/ TRIBAL LORDS/ or whatver we want to call them, to help wean out people who stay in power or in parliament soley for the fact that they would be bored if they had nothing to do….that I agree with you…
    get a soft-landing patch for dead woods so that they don’t cause havoc with ‘my community dis and dat…being finshed and stuff….’

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