Njenga – The nationalist, the cult leader, and Scholar


he Kenya National Youth Alliance: An Apology
The history of nations is written with the bloody point of a sword; the road to nationhood is paved with the corpses of heroes; the rivers of sovereignty, emancipation, social justice and equity burst their banks with the blood of believers. Our ancestors were martyred that we might possess this land. The war they fought, the deeds they signed, the alliances they made, all these brought us to that morning of December 12th 1963. Uhuru! And on December 12th 1964, the Republic of Kenya was realised. Independent, free, sovereign

Source: Kenya Imagine;Njoroge Matathia


3 thoughts on “Njenga – The nationalist, the cult leader, and Scholar

  1. Dude… you just plagiarised me. Those words are part of an article I wrote for Kenya Imagine last year. You must attribute the source

  2. njamba says:

    that is why the article was in italic meaning it was a Quoted statement. However, I have gone ahead and attribute the source

  3. It is clear now… thanks

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