Osufia in enugu I pray for your safe return Nkem Omoh

OSUFIA WAS FREED AFTER HIS FAMILY PAID THE RANSOM OF 1.4 Million Nairas. That is AFRICA FOR YOU Crime is so rampant you can be victim anytime anywhere and the security agencies will not do anything about the crime
Shame on Nigeria Kidnappers and the YAARDUA security agencies for failing to capture these thugs

It is with sadness that I learnt of Nkem Owoh Kidnapping in his home state of Enugu. As a Kenyan who loves your movies. I pray that you will be returned to your family in good health and that those that kidnapped you will have a change of heart.
It is disheartening knowing that you are target because of your hard work

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2 thoughts on “Osufia in enugu I pray for your safe return Nkem Omoh

  1. elizabeth ironbar says:

    na wa for naija people weti the man do now upon all the goog good things way the man done dey do for nigeria movic una till go kidnap him abey may una release the man make he go jooo una no kown say shoe get size.

  2. njamba says:

    It is a shame that Osufia is still in captitavity

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