Is this the Human Face of Mau Mau Evictions

Kweli serikali yetu ni watu wajinga sana. So if someone is a squater because they have no land does that mean we make them distute by refusing to provide alternative settlement. At least the MPs from RV have a case here against the PM. He Raila Promised not once but several times that he is going to evict Mau squatters in a humane way. This reminds me of What Kimunya did in 2005 evicting people like dogs.

Anyway WE (Commoners of Kenya) We the Taxpayers did not authorize Raila Odinga and Kibaki to go and create another human disaster in RV we have already paid for the one the created in the power struggle two years ago

These Residents should be settled and I urger Moi and His family to donate some of the land they stole to these residents.
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2 thoughts on “Is this the Human Face of Mau Mau Evictions

  1. Kenya says:

    This is indeed plainly stupid and inexcusable. Nobody in their right minds should put people on the roadsides and expect applause. It is a disaster, count the political losers for me. Shame on Kenya.

  2. pablo says:

    It is time Kenyan politicians and more so from rift valley realized that blackmail politics time is.

    We need some sense in the way we do our politics. We are tired of divisive politics and tribal alignments.
    Yes we are aware that there are a number of teething issues affecting community to community in Kenya the other day it was mungiki menace in mathira, migingo was there now it is mau why is it that our politicians are becoming too tribal cant we play politics of issues . Fighting or being seen to be fighting a govt PM will not give anybody a milage but we need the MPs and ministers to deliver services

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