This constitution is good

Pundit is a contradiction of some sort,
Now that KK is in the works how is ruto going to pass the Nzamba Draft without support of Agikuyu camp? Ama ruto will vote as an ODMER and then bolt to KK when elections are called?
One thing is clear there is only one Group of Anti-Reforms Kikuyus and their Leaders. You cannot whitewash this anymore.

Njue and Karanja they of the infamous NCCK (Vote for kibaki because he is agikuyu small god) are now using Kadhi to rile up Christian zealots

Kibaki and His cronies are using Kirinyaga Construction Owner Maina to harp about the need for Imperial Agikuyu President.

I say kenyans Must raise their Middle finger and tell Central mps and their citizens to go to HELL


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