Role of Beth Mugo in Ruby Mining In Kenya and the Death of Campell Bridges,9171,908862,00.html
Beth Mugo stole two mines in tsavo from American Investors in 1974. her and Mama Ngina Used the President office to have the two investors banished from kenya to enable them to steal the ruby mine worthy $5 million dollars in 1974

Read the times Magazine article that Kenyatta security Agents removed from circulation when the story was published.

unfortunately for the two Americans, others got wind of the rich discovery. One of them was Beth Mugo, Kenyatta’s niece and unofficial lady in waiting to his vivacious wife, Mama Ngina; another was a wealthy Greek resident of Kenya, George Criticos, a friend of the President’s and Mama Ngi-na’s partner in running the Kenya Trade Development Corp. Saul and Miller charge that Beth Mugo and Criticos encouraged other leading Kenyans, including Mama Ngina, to demand a bigger share of the take. The two Americans agreed to let the Kenyans’ share go up to 72%. Still not satisfied, the Kenyans evidently decided to push the ruby discoverers out of the deal altogether.

The Biggest Question is Which Politician hired thugs to Kill Campell Bridges in Tsavo
There have been stone walling by the Kenyan media to give this story a total media Black Out.
Read what the Campell Bridges Son has to say

5 thoughts on “Role of Beth Mugo in Ruby Mining In Kenya and the Death of Campell Bridges

  1. Pamela Nyaribo says:

    This is very informative. Many times I have wondered what happened to the investors that were. I was interested when in my late fathers library i read an article on the disappearance of the inverters. This are stories that we in Kenya never hear of. I wonder what will happen now that the new constitution states that any natural minerals belong to the government. Will the people of that county ever benefit from those mines?

  2. Biruri says:

    Kenyattas the thieves!! so sickening!

  3. Faith Sabina says:

    would you rather it was looted by the Americans? The lesser of two evils ladies and Gentlemen

    • njamba says:

      Americans were not looting anything they were willing to pay for royalties to Kenyan Government.. So should we just take the TURKANA Oil discovery because the British Company will “LOOT”, stop myopia and Racism

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