1.4 Million Kenyans are suffering for Jiggers infestation

Kenyan Poorest are suffering from Jiggers infestation. For those who are reading this blog from North American you ask what is a Jigger. A jigger has nothing to do with a swig of liquor but it is a mite from the flea family usually found in Chickens that burrows itself in the human fresh causing swelling and infection area in the afflicted area. The Mite sucks blood which it uses to produce Larvae that digs deep in human flesh. It causes itching and disfiguration of the toes or the limps. In kenya My birth Country it is estimated that 1.4 million Kenyans are suffering from Jiggers. This is schocking for Kenyans had assumed that this type of massive infestation that was more common during the colonial times have been eliminated but this is not so. In a parliamentary Statement the kenyan Government admitted the fact that 1.4 million kenyans are afflicted.

About four per cent of the Kenyan population is afflicted with jiggers, a situation officials say is spurred by poverty. Public Health Assistant Minister James Gesami told Parliament on Tuesday that the ministry disbursed Sh10 million to fight jiggers in the last financial year and announced a similar amount has been released this year.

Although there is low-level jigger infestation in most parts of Kenya, Gesami disclosed the pests are most common in Murang’a, Nyeri, Kwale, Malindi, Kericho, Narok, Emuhaya, Meru and Kakamega.Garsen MP Danson Mungatana said his constituency and the lower stretch of Tana Delta District are also afflicted as Gesami disclosed poverty, lack of water and other basic amenities made it difficult to control jiggers.

“We need to address the social determinants,” Gesami said, adding that studies have linked the pests with decrepit housing and improper personal hygiene due to lack of access to water.

Jigger infestation in Central Kenya
warning you may find some to the contents graphic

5 thoughts on “1.4 Million Kenyans are suffering for Jiggers infestation

  1. onyango jael says:

    jiggers is a widespread menace infesting and causing related opportunistic infections especially among the poor who are mostly associated with inappropriate hygienic practices. it is a national disaster and should be handled with great concern to curb stigma and further patient deterioration. it was notable that majority who suffered jigger infestation were the young and old because for one they possessed very soft skin/ keratin layer that was easily penetrated

  2. cajex says:

    it is so hurting to see Kenyans suffering from a problem that can be prevented

  3. nahashon n.kiania says:

    we need to collectively do something to assist eradicate this menace in kenya .yes we can if we combine efforts and treat it like any other disease.


  4. Wellington Oduol PHO Rarieda says:

    The Gvt should consider adequate water supply and provide the PHOs with jiggers fighting eqmts and chemicals just the same drugs are ordered and all will be well.

  5. Wellington Omondi Oduol says:

    The menace of jigger infestation i worrying, especially after more than 50 years of independence. The government and other stakeholders have not been keen enough in allocation of resources towards anti-jigger campaigns over the past. Poor, inadequate sanitation and red loamy soils are major predisposing factors. School going children remain the most infested across the country. School drop outs, HIV transmission, disabilities are among adverse consequences of the menace. Government and other concerned parties should consider funding and training more Public health professionals specifically on anti-jigger campaign and management of cases and adverse conditions.

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