Kenya List of Shame

1. Kimunya – Sold our hotel for pittance to libya
2. Ruto – for starting war in ODM
3. Trinton Owners and Directors
4. Ringera for being the most ineffective Highly paid Anti Corruption Czar in East Africa
5. Saitoti – For failing to Improve security
6. Major Ali – For Extra Judicial Killings
7. kenyan Police – theft Extra judicial Killings
8. Mungiki Followers and the Hague Vigilantes
9. Kisii Vigilantes who Lynched over 50 Kenyans
10. Cattle Raiders in NEP
11. raila for being used by kibaki to rock ODM from Within what a Moron
12. Kibaki for sleeping 365 days without doing anything meaningful apart from giving hot air speeches

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