The Options for camp Ruto:

The Options camp Ruto:
1. Form a party that will challenge both PNU, ODM, KANU and Other small parties nationally. Can this be done I do not think so because of the immense organizational skills and the amount of funds and it will be impossible to pull off this while serving the GCG. When I look at the rank and file of team Ruto I do not see seasoned party organizers all I see is a few young men in a hurry to lead a revolution without an army.
Option two:
2. Rejoin KANU – this means that the Moi and his orphans will have a say whether Kuttuny and othesr who rode ODM wave can join and whether the six women mps will see parliament again. Again I wonder if RV voters can stomach KANU again. Anyway KANU brand is damaged nationally.
Option three:
3. Form a small party in aim of linking up with other big parties and forming a coalition in 2012. The biggest challenge is that in Kenya you cannot trust any politician to deliver after they are elected. The safer route for Ruto is this one form a party and link up with status Quoists in PNU and hope to deny ODM any support in Kalenjin RV and GEMA RV. However, this won’t guarantee a win remember Uhuru lost with support of RV and Central in 2002.
The indications are that even Uhuru cannot count on all Central Areas to go his way if he links up with Ruto. Remember KANU pill was too bitter for most of us to swallow and the immaturity of these two in the recent times has brought to fore their lack of tact and empathy toward the national agenda.

What the KKK alliance has not told us is who between Ruto, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Saitoti, et al will be PORK and PM. I see a battle of supremacy in PNU or whatever party it will be after Moi Kids unite.. thus we can conclude that KKK is a mirage

If we learnt anything in MAU it is that even Central mps are looking for Leader that can unite the country again. The presence of Kabando wa Kabando, Limuru Mp Njoroge Mbai, Peter Kenneth, et al says that much ground has shifted and I wonder akina Beth Mugo, Githae and other ignoramus will be able to ride the tribal horse again to parliament.

If I was Raila I would like things to stay the way they are at least I will know that in ODM competition have been neutralized. The biggest allay Raila has is international community and the biggest mistake PNU is making is trying to rock the boat too early.
My Predicitons:
I bet you in the next three months we won’t hear more about Ruto. His national star is fading too fast and he better off find a way to go back to work with Raila.. Otherwise next month ruto will be appearing of page 15 of all dailies while the Primepresident (RAO has become the president and Prime Minister)continues to build his political platform.
What About Kibaki:
Kibaki is useful dead than alive at least the ants in othaya can chew on his well fed


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