Raila Move is a stroke of a Genius Politically

I am all praises for Raila for using his position to tame what appears to be runaway corruption in the grand coalition.

This is the best news. Yesterday my friends from Kiambu and RV who are members of kikuyu community were all praise on RAO on his current political stand. They said come 2012 their vote is for Raila. I urge my kikuyu brothers and sisters to give this man a chance to be the next president of kenya

Now this the move Kibaki needs bring BACK Anan or just shut down this GCG nonsense


7 thoughts on “Raila Move is a stroke of a Genius Politically

  1. Injeraz says:

    Raila is a joke. should t he be the first to step down seeing what happened with officers in his minisry under HIS watch?

    Raila days are numbered, populist politics tu. nothing new. some of us wont fall for his shenanigans.

  2. njamba says:

    THe officers in his ministry were “fired” by Raila even before the lazy bum called Kibaki asked them to step down so get you facts right. There is no proof the two were stealing for Raila they used his office for their own selfish gains
    Now Kibaki as to OWN RUTO and ONGERI Scandal by having protected their investigations and firing

    This is Kibaki legacy Corruption. Anglo LEasing and now FPE, and Maize

  3. Injeraz says:

    Likewise..the junior officers in FPE scandal acted on their own with the imprests. So why should Ongeri & Mutahi go?

    In any case Raila chaired the maize committee that single sourced from Afrigil

  4. mambobado says:

    “Do not pass the buck. Do not blame your subordinates. Do not blame the donors. Do not blame the press. The buck stops with you!”

    going by Raila Odinga’s own words he should have led the way in stepping aside…

  5. Dominic mureithi says:

    I am real disappointed with my political kinsmen especial the president how on earth do you tolerate corruption in the name of constitution procedure . Do you think corruption does not affect poor Ppl from central . Your too old to reason please call an election so that i can teach you a real lesson . You didnt even get a clear mandate from the ppl in the last election now your courtin trouble. Please your just makin a mockery of your community i dont want to be enjoined in your stupidity please

    • njamba says:

      Kikuyus must now Put pressure on their Principal to do the right thing fire corrupt ministers or forever be known as the President who protected every Corrupt Minister in his camp. Now Kibaki OWNS corrupt Ruto ODM is about to suspend Ruto

  6. Gmoh says:

    Stroke of genius? I would say high risk. And as you know, high risk may have high return or major loss.

    Kenya’s politics is still tribal.

    It was meant to be a stroke of genius of getting rid of strong leaders that do not necessarily support him but that potentially wield a powerful block vote. Ongeri is the most prominent leader in Kisii today (after Magara was kicked out and who is not on Raila’s side anyway) and Ruto is the most influential leader among the Kalenjin (even though he may not command the entire block vote). Otherwise how do you explain the exclusion of Shaaban?

    With Balala rebelling and the Mt Kenya vote not assured, he needs to act fast.

    Whether or succeeds or not, the coming weeks will be crucial. It could propel him into a powerful frontrunner for 2012 or condemn him to number 3 thanks to Kenya’s tribal arithmetic.

    One thing is for sure. 2012 is Raila’s last chance hence the all or nothing approach.

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