The Catholic Church Abuses in Kenya

The Catholic church in Kenya needs to be Investigated of sexual abuses. I know of Cases in Githunguri Diocese where a priest Impregnated two schools girls. There were accussations against Fr. Kizito last year of sexually molesting Boys in Nairobi Province in Kenya. There reports all over Kenya that the catholic church is involved in various cover ups involving it priests. It is notable that A kenyan priest was arrested in NEW YORK STATE and charged with sexually molesting boy. The charges were dropped due to lack of physical Evidence


3 thoughts on “The Catholic Church Abuses in Kenya

  1. owuor says:

    Only a scumbag and a moron would conclude that the vice is only in Catholic church.

    Soem people are so vain it hurts. Only God can help them.

    • njamba says:

      Is catholic Church Denying that there abuses in kenya and are there independent investigations to verify this or refute this claims. We all know that last year Fr Kizito was accussed of committing sexual crimes but the Kenyan Catholic church never made public its investigations into the matter. Are you aware of Certain priest having impregnated several school girls in Kagwe parish?
      What kenyans need to do is rise and stop this abuse priests who hide under the constitutional protection of Freedom of Religion.
      Anyway I will do all that I can do withing the confines of the law to continue advocating for the less unfortunate members of Kenyan society.

      The IRISH Scandal should be a wake up call to Njue and his priests

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