Rhetoric Question What if Michuki Refuse to

what if Gema mafia Michuki and co refuse to Honor the constitution and go ahead and force Kibaki to run for a third Term? Or worst Still what if they INSTALL Uhuru in a civilian Coup?
I hope Kenyans can find a way in them to make sure that during the next CIVIL COUP they are not the victims of the state Brutality and that every Gun shot is met with an Equal powerful Gun shot. I advocate for using any Means Necessary on People like Kimeendero who think the have monopoly of Violence or the Commondant of AP who thinks only Kikuyu APS can shoot Luos what about taking the same pain to his men.

When Malcom X advocated for Any means Necessary he understood that you can only reason so much with violent Regimes. When Franzt Fannon Wrote the Wretched of the Earth he explained that the only way for the Oppressed Peasants to regain their humanity is by using violence to subdue their oppresor and going through a Catharis of some Sort. When FIDEL and Che Moved from Mexico and into the mountains and used the gun to liberate Cubans from the Fascist Regime of Batista they Knew that Democrazy was not going to liberate the Poor of Cuba from the Ruling cabal

In kenya a time has come that the enemy must be shown that there is not time to waste and any violence from its camp shall be met with Equal Force.
When Justice fails Force should not fail.
Kikuyus say this “Cira wa Kihoto ungirema wa Panga ndungirema” “when justice fails the sword should not fail

blockquote>he Kenya National Youth Alliance: An Apology
The history of nations is written with the bloody point of a sword; the road to nationhood is paved with the corpses of heroes; the rivers of sovereignty, emancipation, social justice and equity burst their banks with the blood of believers. Our ancestors were martyred that we might possess this land. The war they fought, the deeds they signed, the alliances they made, all these brought us to that morning of December 12th 1963. Uhuru! And on December 12th 1964, the Republic of Kenya was realised. Independent, free, sovereign

Source: Kenya Imagine;Njoroge Matathia

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