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The World and Nigerian Voters should support Nuhu Ribandu for presidency

Who is this Ribandu you may ask? Ribandu was in charge of the Anti-corruption (economic crimes) organization and it is during his time as the the head that Nigeria political class were exposed and some jailed for corruption. Nigeria is west African giant and if it awakes and moves in the right direction all the nations in West africa will tremendously benefit. it is the Most populous Nation (Unite federal states) with about 135 million citizens and what is supposed to be one of the biggest mega cities of the world lagos.

What Nigeria lacks is a resolute leadership to steer the country away from the politis of self interest to the politics of nation building. What Nigeria needs right now is a man of Lincoln resolve a man determined to change the fortunes of millions by addressing the inequaty that exists between the ruled and rulers of Nigeria.

This Man is Ribandu

If I had a vote i would definately vote this man
uncle sam and his friends should put their money on the right horse and support Ribandu instead of the go happy lucky Jonathan who the status quo feel is their safe bet given the circumstances

in 2012 uhuru may even lose gatundu seat

Yes what this prince will realize soon is that Kikuyu peasants have not forgotten the historical role his dad played in making sure that the the missionary kids (the homeguard kids and their families) ended up with the whole pie of uhuru while real shujaas like Kung’u Karumba, Bildad Kagia and Jaramogi odinga ended being villians of the new class.

The era of the Nyachaes, Odingas and kenyatta is GONE GONE kabisa and the message must be sent

The dream of kalenjins led by Ruto to ride on kikuyu peasantry back to the power so that they can continue using ruto,kulei and other corruption bosses in looting kenya dry SHOULD today be laid to rest.

There is no kikuyu peasant who will be willing anymore to sacrifice the national cohesion for a few idiots who think they are leaders like Kibaki and uhuru.

Kenyans still remember the role played by these blood thirsty individuals in creating the mayhem of PEV

Uhuru better know that we the peasants will dance on his grave that is given
To martha karua and peter kenneth you have my support deny this son of a gun a chance to claim the kingdom that ngina thinks was created for the creature of comfort

haiya another honorable Gansta in the Dahouse

Kenyans voters are amazing so they decided to give a real hood Sonko a chance instead of an ex-boxer or The BOSS from City Hall Aka Di**ck waithaka.

Okay Sonko I hope you represent the youth vilivyo and not become an embrassment like the little brat from Kamkunji

Hata Vijana Wagutuke na Ubunge. Mheshimwa Ng’ombe anasema vijana tusilale

Raila,Kibaki, Uhuru and all them pimps should be sent home and real wenyenchi kama Sonko wachukue mamlaka

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Maina Kiai Should be the Next AG

No question about it we have seen the ability of this Man in delivering when he was in KHRC his hands on approach and knack to say the truth even when it is not the most safe thing to do have shown a principled man who given the chance can reform our Rotten Judicial system. Kenya needs a no nonsense AG that is NOT beholden to the political class but that can work with the leadership to steer Kenya from the endless cycle of impunity and total violation of rule of law by Kenyan citizens and her leaders.

This morning I would like to see our New AG to be a man of Impeccable integrity, An academic giant and a Man with Resolve to go down fighting for the Justice and Truth.

The Arch of justice must bend the Kenyan way

This February let the Purge be done with the resolve to reignite the Justice that supposed to be our defender and sheild of national integrity.

Ama vipi wateja?


Jerry Rawlings succession Lesson for Kenya 2012 kibaki succession

Here is excerpts of Ghana elections during Jerry rawlings succession and how

Will Kenya have a happy ending in 2012??

Will kibaki stomr the tally center again and steal votes like he did in 2007? Will Raila use his goons to win?

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what will be role of the Kenyan Senate?

I need to read that katiba well because I am really confused at what the senate will do. Is the senate going to have the same powers to check executive and parliament as the American Senate does and why in the world would we still retain the provincial administration if our goal is to devolute GOK.

My vision of the county was a local government with elected governor, elected sherriff, local administrators accountable to Governor and having a say in day to day running of the county. I do not hear FBI, or other administrators in my county here in States wanting to know if I paid local county taxes or who is my school district Head

Kibaki must let go of the provincial administration

I hate taxes

I hate taxes. Why the hell is uncle Sam doing with 25% of my payroll every year. Is he paying his illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. No one should be taxed more than 10% of their pay

Mp ordered to complete CDF project or face Jail time by a no nonsense judge Mrs Mongare

This what the judges should be doing slapping these law breakers will penalties to teach them the rule of law,%20MP%20told/-/1064/1011716/-/oylllq/-/index.html

“It is embarrassing for the MP to have cancelled a cheque meant for a project aimed at assisting people. For him to claim that the committee members had embezzled funds is an afterthought since no case against them has been lodged with the courts,” she observed.

Mr Josephat Karanja Ragi, the Chamuka Dispensary chairman, moved to court to bar Mr Mureithi and his agents from interfering with the project’s implementation.

The committee member testified in court that he had political ambitions of vying for the Ol Jororok civic seat and was therefore unlikely to embezzle project funds then seek public office.

“I wanted to use the project as a launching pad for my career. It would have shown people what kind of leadership I have to offer and for the MP to claim I had embezzled funds is to impute bad motive on my part,” he said.

Another witness, Mrs Lucy Wamuyu, said she was a Woman’s Guild chairperson, a representative of Ol Jororok Division to the Poverty Eradication Committee and a teacher. She said the MP had injured her character by claiming she stole public funds.

Mr Mureithi accused the applicants’ lawyer, Mr Ndegwa Wahome, of using the project to settle a political score after he “defeated” him in the last elections.
Mrs Mong’are said the MP showed utter contempt by lying to the court about his whereabouts when he missed a court session as he was travelling to Nigeria.

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