The Private Security guards bill and the Right to bear arms

The current Kenya penal code prohibits citizens from owning “unlicensed” fire arms. My parents are “IDPS” after being displaced from their rural home by thugs. Who robbed them so many times that one year they were robbed twice within six months with my dad escaping death by whisker.   No thug was ever jailed in connection with both violent robberies.  Since then I have been an advocate of right to bear arms. The current constitution is silent on legality of bearing arms. But  If Kenyans  are allowed to own a spear, a sword, or arrows without requiring a license I see no big deal in why I shouldnot own a gun to protect my property and life . For right to life is God given right and is protected under our  constitution. I would ask Kenyans to buy guns and hire local smiths to make guns in millions. Let no other innocent man cower or die in the hands of armed thugs. Let us all do the right thing and protect our lifes.

To Qoute Jerry Rawling “The Government wants to be the only god allowed to terrorize citizens because of the monopoly of violence” to change this Jerry Rawlings armed Ghananians strategically and today Ghanains are armed and there about an estimated 47,000 guns most of them made by the local blacksmiths.

The Turkana and Pokot do not wait for saitoti and his men and blue to protect them but faced with constant violence from armed neighbours they too have acquired AK47s and G-3s to protect themselves.

The present kenyan criminals are a violent bunch who can only be tamed by an armed citizen.

Will guns increase violence? Yes violence and deadly one will increase but the innocent won’t have to leave in fear of some militia using machete to kill them. Next time Mungiki, Chinkororo decides to unleash terror they will be met by more brute force of the gun

What do you think dear Reader?

I say parliament should scrap the current bill and introduce an amendement to the current constitution allowing Kenyans to the Right to bear arms.  If not Kenyans should buy guns and use them responsibily to protect life


2 thoughts on “The Private Security guards bill and the Right to bear arms

  1. Alexander says:

    Am afraid am gonna have to disagree with you, gun control is an issue that is even giving some of the effective governments all over the world hard times to deal with. take U.S.A for example its constitution allow its citizens the right “to keep and bear arms”, and to be honest the government haven’t had any success in keeping the guns from bad hands.

    since we know how our government in Kenya operates, do you think they will succeed in keeping bad people from getting the arms? And just imagine what could have had happen during the 2007 post election violence if Kenyans had the right to bear arms. last but not least giving citizens the right “to bare arms” will endanger innocent lives and increase violence.

  2. njamba says:

    Has this stopped thugs from Acquiring arms. right now the only people enjoying the right to bear arms are the bad guys. While good guys like my parents cower everyday not knowing if an urchin or a rogue policeman my snuff their life out. There . THe shoot to kill policy in kenya is not a deterrent enough I say a gun may be a lethal detterrent. If Kenyans were armed in 2007 during PEV I wonder if the Kalenjins would had the nerve to go house to house and kill Kikuyus or the police would have mowed the innocent protestors in Kisumu and other areas without suffering their own casualties.

    Right now Kenyans who are peace loving must abandon machetes, swords and buy guns that can protect them and I say parliament should do the right thing and sponsor an amendement allowing Kenyans to own guns.

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