The USA Census and Kenya census Lessons if any


  • Both countries have census every decade
  • Both use paid Enumerators to coun


  • In USA data collection is done via snail mail where a form is mailed to the household to be completed and returned. Failure to complete the form a second attempt is made and eventually a  enumerator is sent to the household. in addition a post census survey is carried out to find out issues of under counting or to confirm some the information.
  • In Kenya all data is collected via interviews by Enumerators by visits to the household

 Both countries have a huge number of undocumented illegal immigrants.However, the case of kenya majority of the immigrants from Somali may have acquired Kenyan citizenship via fraud and so it is hard not to admit they are kenyans because it will be almost impossible to take their papers away. The Somali Kenyan Population has increased by over 150% to become the fourth largest community. The government has nullified results in few areas to try and recount and account for some of the disperancies in the census numbers provided by Enumerators.

It is will be interesting to see what USA does with the huge number of undocument immigrants estimated at 10 million will they just wish them away

By law Obama will get the final copy of the results by December 31, 2010 and then the debate will start of who gains more $$ and Political power as a result of being busy at the saddle. Will Hispanics make the first step towards beccoming the largest minority or will African Americans have kept their number two position and will the next decade be the end of White majority in USA?

Will households be poorer than a decade ago or richer?

How many senior citizens will be getting free coffee at mcdees?

Lessons from kenyan Census:

Apart from canceled the results in Northern Kenya the excercise was successful however there needs to be a strict time frame of  when the results must be made public.

Kenyan Population is still growing at higher rate and efforts for family planning needs ratchening up in some communities.

Kenyan needs to tighten her immigration systems to contain further illegal immigration

The Issue of Land will continue to be emotive especially in Rift valley where population is growing faster and there may be more land pressure resulting in more land clashes

Kenyan Population is still young

The Number of Universtity and High school graduates is less than I thought it would be.

We need to build more High schools and have a local high school attached to every primary school


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