9-11 Memorial end the wars and cure America Addiction to Oil

The AL Qeda strategy of attacking Americans and their interests abroad gained international attention during the embassy bombings in Nairobi and Tanzania. President Clinton started the hunt for Osama Bin Laden who was working with the regime of Al Bashir in Sudan. However, due to Clinton own political problems in USA he was unable to accomplish the task of killing Osama and dismantling Taaliban and Sudan regime. The 9-11 attacks in New York compelled Bush go hunt and kill Al Qeda but due to the republicans greed for Big businesss and oil profits he decided to fight the wrong war in Iraq and cooked intelligence to justify his Fraud. osama took this opportunity to make alliances with various militias in Afghanistan  and then it became a middle east war between the Religious sects and Iranian fundamentlist government and so we are here a decade later without having killed Osaman and finished Al Qeda or  vaniquished Taaliban in Afghanistan but what America is staring is another embrassing war that will result to no Win but pull out of troops to leave the unstable countries to limb their way to anarchy or freedom.

Obama should just cut the american losses and return the troops home and work on fixing the economy.

American should also wean off their oil addiction or be ready to go to war with China and India in a few decades to come.

The Status quo in oil consumption is unatenable. There can be that much oil left to sasistfy china, India, and USA needs.

Time for baby drill baby drill is gone time for USA to  recalibrate her energy policy for a peaceful future



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