Water shortage. boarding School a man made hell hole

Have you ever experienced  acute water shortage? Just think of this no water to drink or bath. This was my traumatic experience in secondary school from 1991 to 1993. I was a student in Nyangwa secondary school located in Embu district Gachoka division. The area is so dry and hot. The rain is very unreliable making water scarce. My school relied on piped water provided by local water project (organization). The water was from a dam that was constructed on top of a local mountain. From what I learnt is that the dam would collect water when it rained the water would be piped from the mountain to our school. Whenever the area experienced drought the dam dried up. Every term we would be out of water for three to six weeks. During this time the school would use the bus to fetch water from kamburu dam that was 40 kilometers from the school. This water would be used to cook, drink by 500 students, and water the school cattle. So we would be rationed to a ½ a gallon of water per student.

This how I used my ration of ½ a gallon of water: brush teeth, wipe under arms and face (dry bath we called it). Most of the times I actually ended up getting less than a half a gallon and I would only get two cups of water. There was no enough water to go around.

Once in a week we would trek for over 5 miles looking for boreholes to “steal” water from because the community around us owned the boreholes and they would not allow us to fetch water.

There was public dam ten miles from school called Kelwa dam. This dam was a kiss of the death the water looked like it has been collected from a sewer. It was brownish and full of silt. The first time I went to the dam I decided I won’t drink the water. One of my friends at school drunk the water and was later admitted at the provincial hospital sick. He was diagnosed with Amoeba which I suspect was typhoid or meningitis he spent weeks at the hospital and quit school after his release from the hospital.

Boarding schools in Kenya are hell holes that need to be done with


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