new Gingritch the Emotional unstable, chronic liar is calling Obama a Socialist

Can I hear desperation by Conservatives who think that by tagging Obama with a title of socialism and taking cheap shots at him is going to give GOP a chance in November. I say to GOP  members re-take your party from these nuts led by Newt and Tea party express or forever kiss american leadership of the house and executive goodbye. Only a fool will be fooled twice by Republican.

Let me do a run down of what newt and his Nut jobs did:

  1. supported the Iraq  War even when they knew that there was no were no Weapons of Mass destruction but Halliburton contracts were more important than national security
  2. Deregulated American Economy creating a bubble in every asset level that resulted in Global financial crisis
  3. Bailed out wallstreet leaving the Mainstreet with the tab. today is second anniversary of Lehman Brothers failure when Paulson decided which bank was more repubican to save and which one was going be dissolved

So before Newt calls anyone socialist he may want to look at himself in the mirror and know that he cannot run from the truth of that he is a Liar and womanizer who is unfit for Command.

Americans voters will have a choice between the half baked political knowledge of Palin or the craziness and lies fo Newt Gingrich the emotional unstable racist


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