Mp ordered to complete CDF project or face Jail time by a no nonsense judge Mrs Mongare

This what the judges should be doing slapping these law breakers will penalties to teach them the rule of law,%20MP%20told/-/1064/1011716/-/oylllq/-/index.html

“It is embarrassing for the MP to have cancelled a cheque meant for a project aimed at assisting people. For him to claim that the committee members had embezzled funds is an afterthought since no case against them has been lodged with the courts,” she observed.

Mr Josephat Karanja Ragi, the Chamuka Dispensary chairman, moved to court to bar Mr Mureithi and his agents from interfering with the project’s implementation.

The committee member testified in court that he had political ambitions of vying for the Ol Jororok civic seat and was therefore unlikely to embezzle project funds then seek public office.

“I wanted to use the project as a launching pad for my career. It would have shown people what kind of leadership I have to offer and for the MP to claim I had embezzled funds is to impute bad motive on my part,” he said.

Another witness, Mrs Lucy Wamuyu, said she was a Woman’s Guild chairperson, a representative of Ol Jororok Division to the Poverty Eradication Committee and a teacher. She said the MP had injured her character by claiming she stole public funds.

Mr Mureithi accused the applicants’ lawyer, Mr Ndegwa Wahome, of using the project to settle a political score after he “defeated” him in the last elections.
Mrs Mong’are said the MP showed utter contempt by lying to the court about his whereabouts when he missed a court session as he was travelling to Nigeria.


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