Maina Kiai Should be the Next AG

No question about it we have seen the ability of this Man in delivering when he was in KHRC his hands on approach and knack to say the truth even when it is not the most safe thing to do have shown a principled man who given the chance can reform our Rotten Judicial system. Kenya needs a no nonsense AG that is NOT beholden to the political class but that can work with the leadership to steer Kenya from the endless cycle of impunity and total violation of rule of law by Kenyan citizens and her leaders.

This morning I would like to see our New AG to be a man of Impeccable integrity, An academic giant and a Man with Resolve to go down fighting for the Justice and Truth.

The Arch of justice must bend the Kenyan way

This February let the Purge be done with the resolve to reignite the Justice that supposed to be our defender and sheild of national integrity.

Ama vipi wateja?


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