in 2012 uhuru may even lose gatundu seat

Yes what this prince will realize soon is that Kikuyu peasants have not forgotten the historical role his dad played in making sure that the the missionary kids (the homeguard kids and their families) ended up with the whole pie of uhuru while real shujaas like Kung’u Karumba, Bildad Kagia and Jaramogi odinga ended being villians of the new class.

The era of the Nyachaes, Odingas and kenyatta is GONE GONE kabisa and the message must be sent

The dream of kalenjins led by Ruto to ride on kikuyu peasantry back to the power so that they can continue using ruto,kulei and other corruption bosses in looting kenya dry SHOULD today be laid to rest.

There is no kikuyu peasant who will be willing anymore to sacrifice the national cohesion for a few idiots who think they are leaders like Kibaki and uhuru.

Kenyans still remember the role played by these blood thirsty individuals in creating the mayhem of PEV

Uhuru better know that we the peasants will dance on his grave that is given
To martha karua and peter kenneth you have my support deny this son of a gun a chance to claim the kingdom that ngina thinks was created for the creature of comfort


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