The World and Nigerian Voters should support Nuhu Ribandu for presidency

Who is this Ribandu you may ask? Ribandu was in charge of the Anti-corruption (economic crimes) organization and it is during his time as the the head that Nigeria political class were exposed and some jailed for corruption. Nigeria is west African giant and if it awakes and moves in the right direction all the nations in West africa will tremendously benefit. it is the Most populous Nation (Unite federal states) with about 135 million citizens and what is supposed to be one of the biggest mega cities of the world lagos.

What Nigeria lacks is a resolute leadership to steer the country away from the politis of self interest to the politics of nation building. What Nigeria needs right now is a man of Lincoln resolve a man determined to change the fortunes of millions by addressing the inequaty that exists between the ruled and rulers of Nigeria.

This Man is Ribandu

If I had a vote i would definately vote this man
uncle sam and his friends should put their money on the right horse and support Ribandu instead of the go happy lucky Jonathan who the status quo feel is their safe bet given the circumstances


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