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Tanzania Elections Results – Updates

all things chungwa

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Pattni the SONKO

Kibaki – Mimi ni Mjaja

Muthenya wa Kimakia Ciana – Halooween in Kenya

Halooween in Kenya,
Yes there is halloween in kenya in my village it was dubed Muthenya wa Kimakia ciana (The day of scaring Kids). When I asked my mum about the history of the day she said it came from the wazungus – White colonial rulers. So did we wear masks and trick and treat? No, the only thing we would have is a mischief night where we would play pranks on each other with aims.
And that is all I remember of Halloween in Kenya


Nigeria Hackers call for better goverance by Hacking national assembly website and asking the Law breakers to shape up

Nigeria is headed for elections in 2011 and activists are giving the current leadership sleepless nights and the anger in Nigeria is nothing like I have ever seen before. If Goodluck does not run credible elections nigeria will implode

here is a link to the screen shots of message left on the senate assembly website

Where is Kenya one Kofia

Big Fish small Fesh

Kenyan outlaws circa 2005 vs Naija Rogue ex governor Ibori

kibaki son in-laws

Aya nii athoni aa Mutongoria - there are in-laws of Kenyan Tin pot dictator

Naija Corrupt

Can he beat the Arturs in Gun Running

I wonder which country would win the corruption contest Kenya or Nigeria?

If you are new in United states stay out of Ghetto Bars and Neighbour hoods

When I get time I will write about my near death exprience in West Philly and how my friends were beat up in Newark New Jersey . Before then read this

matatu- the menace that the government wants to get rid off – 14 seater mathrees




what is the alternative? Buses and trains?  is the return of London double decker here? Who will revive an effictive company such as Kenya bus?

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