Nigeria EX governor to face Fraud charges in UK if Dubai judge rules so

During the Regime of president obasanjo there lived a powerful corrupt governor of Delta state governor called Ibori. Ibori was so corrupt that he turned his home into the treasury vault of delta state. he stole billion of dollars from the state and then laundered the money to UK using his mistress and wife but he was busted by UK serious fraud office and his associates in Uk arrested and jailed. after the Death of his god father Yaraduar Ibori fled nigeria to Dubai where he was immediately arrested and now he may be extradicted to Uk to face money laundering charges there. This man is lucky years back he fled Uk with help of his associates while wearing a woman dress. He will now go to UK in a jump suit and may be this time the Onyimbo man may decide time is now to lock this corrupt maggot for good lest he spoils the lest of the skin


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