African Elections to Watch:
Nigeria – It will be all systems go as “the moderate corrupt” Goodluck tries to win against the Youth Ribandu (Former Anti Corruption head) who is responsible for putting several Governors out of work and on the run. His biggest catch was blowing the rid on Halliburton Scandal that sent the CEO of Halliburton to jail for 20 years and had CNN fire Jeff Koinange. The other Biggest Ribandu achievement was the indictment of Former Delta State Governor Ibori who was the Power behind Yaradua presidency. Ibori is currently in Dubai jailed for Money Laundering and will on Sunday find out if he will spend the rest of his life in UK prisons for the Halliburton related crimes and money laundering. Ribandu if he wins will put Obasanjo in Jail for being the Master mind behind Halliburton scandal. He will also go after the most hated evil man gall IBB.

Museveni will try to get 20 years in power and be president for life. He is showing signs of dementia and is of late unsure about himself.

Fireworks as a National Referendum determine the self determination quest of Southern Sudan.

The first of Professor Mills nears end and elections campaigns are underway with a lot of jostling. I predict another term for Professor Mills.


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