Can Raila Mudamba Ticket Get the Kiambu,Murang’a and Nyeri counties

I predict that if ODM cleaned it act and supported young clean candidates in kiambu then there may be a chance that it can take Lari, Limuru, Kiambaa seats with it they can take the presidential vote. My sources within the county indicate that there is agreement that Raila is a far capable leader than Uhuru. In Murang’a County Raila will have to keep on making trips there to woe more voters and assure his troops there that he can win the national vote. I predict that he can get about 40% of the vote there. nyeri that will be a hard place but he should pick Gachagua to go after Mathira vote, a young professional to go after Kibaki seat, and may be make a deal with Kieni people. I highly doubt he can make 10%

So the best Raila can do is get 25 – 35% Central vote – Meaning he will have traded RV votes for less than 800,000 votes

what role can a youth movement play in Central? That what Raila should work on and try to rope in young professionals from Kiambu and grassroots campaign mavericks to do his bidding in 2012

Countering Uhuru is easy if it is done with tack and resolve to clean up ODM of the baggage of akina Nyongo and Kajwang politics of on your face 41 vs 1


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