USA Diaspora vote 2012

With about 150,000 Kenyans in USA what will this tiny put important vote swing
My prediction is that the diaspora vote can have a turn out of 75%.
My prediction is that the vote will go 60% to 40% ODM and PNU respectively. However, if PNU presents Ruto-Uhuru as the ticket and Raila-Mudavadi on the other hand the vote will be 85% Raila-Mudamba and 10% ruto-Uhuru. If PNU ticket has Kalonzo and Uhuru then the vote will go 47% ODM and 35% PNU and Karua or any third candidate will gain the other votes.

Raila should work hard in Kenya and let the diaspora vote be his financial anchor in Kenya. The ODM Diaspora will deliver 65% in USA without breaking a sweat. The only worry is that PNU may harvest more money in Bothitoni area

What about EUROPE?

What about canada?

What about Kenyans in africa?

Give me your tea leaves


One thought on “USA Diaspora vote 2012

  1. edeichinger says:

    As long as religious law is the standard, freedom can never be.Personal religious freedom is the right of every person.Millet court(s) must be a

    thing of the past/old school. The power of any nation is based on it’s ability to accept all.
    A protected personal belief is fundamental to the survival of any new nation. Please re-draft your new constitution to include freedom of religion

    and personal liberty. (see example*of a good constitution.) As long as kings and Rabbi,Priest, Imam or Caliphate are allowed to rule the people,
    there will never be peace. Submission to tyranny is not peace. ‘Rulers’ that believe they have peace under these conditions deny their own rights and

    freedom. In courts and politics truth is God, not the other-way-round. A legacy
    of injustice will die with those who covet lies. A legacy of truth lasts forever. The governments in Israel/Syria/Jordan-(monarchy)/Saudi Arabia, are

    bad old systems. Kenya should lead the way.
    After a long history with respect to Islam, Judaism and Christianity, I submit, a separation of religion from the government/state is necessary for

    peace. The right to vote, the right to worship, the right of citizenship, must be sanctioned by tried, tested, independent laws and rules. As

    kingofallclergy [attached to no government and submitting this request as a free person] I charge you with this edict. The dignity and self-respect

    of each person is protected by
    the integrity of the state/government. The state can only realize this God/Allah given integrity when it is free and separate of religion. We all

    bring our personal beliefs with us in this life.
    We are all Atheist to each other. Respectfully one persons God is another persons superstition or Santa Claus. Please be very brave in carrying out

    this request. In rulings against each other we must set aside our personal
    religion[these “Gods/Allah s” that we can never agree on]and respect each other with truth {proven independent law} please accept and in-act this

    request for a new constitution with the secret of Allah or God [respectively]in your heartsplease put forth truth to the pages in writings that all

    will be proud of.

    Let not the careless security forces that have been infiltrated by the Pious Empire carry your day. Out of fear (not love) many nations have created

    independent security forces. In many cases these security forces have been infiltrated by religious fighters and mercenaries. Their
    goal is to undermine these truth principals. State-hood and independent courts/laws are their enemy. These will not stand. Criminals will be brought

    to justice- example

    Thanks, kingofallclergy

    Please understand that the strength of a state is dependent on independent justice where verdicts are reached free of religious law. Whereas

    religious law is the father or mother of proven independent law. Religion must not be allowed to continue to rule.
    “What lies behind us and what lies before us
    are small matters compared to what lies within us.”
    –Ralph Waldo Emerson


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