Who is the most violent dictator to have ever ruled Africa

Who is the most brutal dictator to have ever ruled in Africa

1. Idi Amini Dada a sadist per excellence with very limited intelligence and knowledge of governance

2. Bokasa – was he a sadist or a canibal or both?

3. Mobutu – The butcher in congo.

4. Samue Doe – the happy trigger soldier

5. Charles Taylor – A brute and glutton of epic proportions

6. President Moi – the Kenyan landscape is littered with dead and maimed patriots at the hand of this cowardly brute

7. Mugabe – wear a $1,000 suit while the poor Zimbabwe is dying of cholera. The violence unleash on Zangaria supporters and the Murders in the 1980s of 20,000 civilians is as crazy as it gets. This man belongs to Hague or in the Iraq gallows

8. Kagame – Ruthless benevolent dictator


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