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Prefabricated Houses in Kenya

Here is a few blogs that have useful information on building houses using prefabricated Materials

American Shoppers Stampede – All in the name of discounts

Black Friday Gone Crazy. Viva Consumer

Kibaki and Arturs are behind Drug trafficking in kenya

The rest of the information is details

American banks – Kick out Angola Money laundering Embassy Bank accounts

Yes this what uncle sam and his banks need to do. Stop aiding african politicians to launder money via their foreign missions. Time Obama crackdown on all corruption related money stashed in USA by african leaders.

The war on corruption this time is being fought by an American president who African first before anything else. A person who understand how corruption affects the ordinary African Citizen from harare to Nairobi, cape town to juba

USA – Warns Kenyan Drug Barons and bans them from ever entering USA

Who are these Prominent Government Officials and Businessmen that USA have credible evidence that they belong in Jail. The so called DrugĀ  traffickers should be jailed and the key to the jail lock thrown in Menengai Crater.

Who are these Criminals ? could it be Mwu Redacted? Kabg Redacted? Kara Redacted? Soko redacted? Wattu redacted?

read on statement issued by Hon. Rainburger

2011 Elections in Zimbabwe

It is seems comrade nester mugabe is a bad ass dictator and has refused to work with Morgan and the only option is going back to the ballot to decide who reigns in Zimbabwe. I wonder if mugabe has one more trick up his sleeve and it is the reason he is so eager to call snap elections


The ICC issue should be dealt with soberness and Ruto and KHRC should let Ocampo decide who is right

Otherwise the media drama is just going to heighten tensions in kenya for no good reason. By the way no one knows who is in the Waki list or Ocampo prosectution list. Ruto needs to assemble the best legal team possible and fight this accussations the best way possible via legal means. I would urge him to sue KHRC if he feels his name was included in their list due to malice

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