Comrade Bob Mugabe who is ailing From prostrate cancer wife is cheating with a Zanu PF oligarch

Hehe Mr. Gono which translates to Mr Sex in swahili

The Bull that is rocking Mugabes Heifer

is said to be the man who is keeping Mrs Mugabe knickers wet and well lubricated as the husband the Dictator of Zimbabwe robert Mugabe suffers from prostate cancer that  has resulted in Erectile Dysfunctional Disorder.   Mr Mugabe is said to be crying himself to sleep every night as he knows that the GOVERNOR of the Zillion Zimbabwe Dollar Gono is having a good time at treasury and using his Madigo penis to sign off Mrs Mugabe Knickers.

I cry for My Grace who is getting Gono somewhere else

meanwhile Mrs. mugabe keeps on screaming Zimbabwe number one is an underperformer between the sheets.

The beauty that is

I hope mugabe can get a good Sangoma to revive his dead loins

Sangoma Juju

or this may be the real Loins Booster – I hear if he drinks water from harare taps he will be full of virtility and may even produce a prince to inherit his kingdom

Mugabe this will take care of the Gono problem you are having

Will Mugabe be betrayed even by ZANU PF  allies as he comes to term with his terminal illness? If Mobutu case (mobute died of prostrate cancer in morroco) is anything to go by we know that Mugabe may be burried in some obscure cemetry somewhere in Asia or North Africa.

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2 thoughts on “Comrade Bob Mugabe who is ailing From prostrate cancer wife is cheating with a Zanu PF oligarch

  1. P Damiani says:

    It could`nt happen to a nicer fella ! .

  2. njamba says:

    Agreed he deserves it. reminds me of Mobutu he died as a pauper in Some obscure country after the French took all his wealth

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