Time for TEA party to head to Kenya and Nigeria – legislooting of Tax Payer needs to be stopped Now

In Nigeria according to one legistlator a federal senator earns more than Obama http://www.saharareporters.com/news-page/nigeria%E2%80%99s-federal-legislator-earns-more-obama-prof-itse-sagay In Kenya both the president and Prime Minister earns more than President Obama.  There is one thing that Nigerians and Kenyan voters should do in upcoming elections demand that all legistlators take a pay cut failure to this they should be shown the door.

There is no reason for these high salaries and allowances in countries where most of the citizens survive on less than a dollar a day. time to pay the real workers more and pay the legistlators salaries that are reasonable but not too high to bankrupt the tax payer

Enough is enough with these high salaries.

And the the Prime Minister of Kenya still behaves like there is nothing that he can do to request his fellow Mps to revise their salaries downwards.  A national strike is what is needed to bring this evil looting to an end.


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