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Kosgey and Ngilu time to resign is now

I wonder what Raila is waiting for that he hasn’t asked these two alleged thieves of public funds to step aside and face Lumumba kama raia. who is to say that Kosgey and Ngilu are not using their executive powers to obstruct the ongoing investigation. Kosgey is a skunk and the more ODM keeps him the more ODM stinks

Kabogo, ALi Joho, god father Mwau, Aju Punjabib, Sonk in real trouble

The land of nguruwes parliament finally decided to take four pigs to slaughter over allegations of being drug traffickers and I can bet you that their fate is sealed due to the American Government pressure to kill off drug trafficking in Kenya

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Ocampo – Real Conference Unedited

How Many Kenyans are in USA in 2000 according to research done by Dr Kefa Otsio

According to Kenyans in Diaspora Research done by Dr Kefa M. Otsio there were 46,680 Kenyans in USA in 2000. 46% were female and 54% male.  65 % were in the age bracket of 20 to 44 years.


The annual average per capital income was $28,000 this income was higher than that of all African immigrants such as Nigerians ($23,000) and Ghanaians ($23,000) but less than that of Egyptians ($33,000) and South Africans ($42,000). 


Education nearly 52% of Kenyan’s in the US in 2000 had a bachelor degree or higher compared to 28% of the USA population and 23% had a masters degree. The only other African immigrants groups with more people with undergraduate degrees were Nigerians (59%), South Africans (55%) and Egyptians (60%)

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