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The lastest expose by Irish TV on Child abuse by Catholic priests in Kenya

I just finished watching a 53 minute documentary aired by an Ireland TV station on clerical abuse in Africa and there were four cases of Kenyans two boys and two girls who were abused by catholic priests who were later transferred elsewhere and these cases were never reported to the Kenyan government for prosecution or investigation.
The Kenya Human Rights Commission should investigate these cases and then make recommendations to the government on what should be done. Parliament should ask the executive to form a judicial Commission to investigate and make recommendations. These Crimes Must not go unpunished

Now we need to expose those Kenyan native priests who have abused children. there are many from all denominations it is time we enforced our laws

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you have some wild Oats sowed out there ripa child support or FEDS get you

This is justice kudos to the  state workers who gave this woman the justice she so deserves as to the punk who ran away from his kids may he suffer for a lifetime

can poverty explain the reason why some public officials become Corrupt? eg Gichuru

Does poverty lead to Corruption?

Recall the infamous statement by Nicholas Biwott ‘I would rather die than live poor” poverty is very dehumanizing and violent and I guess that is why people like Gichuru and Biwott became who they are today THIEVES with an immense appetite of accumulation wealth by any means necessary

The biggest news in the blogosphere is the latest extradition request by Interpol for the arrest and extradition of the MD former Kenya Power and Lighting Corporation Gichuru for crimes money laundering crimes. The biggest question is where the Kenyan government will arrest Gichuru. However, I think the big story is why did a man who according to his classmate was a honest and hard working turn out to be the most corrupt company Director in the recent Kenya history. The clue lies on the level of poverty and misery that Gichuru grew up in.   This past weekend I was at a party and I met Gichuru secondary school classmate who told me of how he could not believe what became of Gichuru. According to my source Gichuru grew up very poor.  During his school days at Michinda in elburgon he used to walk over 20 miles every day to go school. Can you imagine walking all the way from Rongai to Elburgone every day? The reason being that Gichuru parents could not afford boarding fees for him to stay at school.  According to his school mate there was unwritten rule for all teachers to let Gichuru out of school at 3 pm because his journey home was 6 hours long.

This type of poverty may have led Gichuru to want accumulate wealth so that he does not ever be poor again. The same compulsive hoarding is found in people who grew up in United States during the Great depression

To me Gichuru corruption is a natural self preservation instinct that leads a lot of people who grow up in hardships to become Compulsive Hoarders of money and food because they want to have enough incase misfortune befalls them again

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i have been a victim of racism and the senegalese woman rape by an FRECH leader is nothing but racism power

The only reason why the FRENCH IMF executive decide to rape the black housekeeper is because of the deep rooted french class and racist tendency towards africans especially africans from West Africa. I will expound this further

read this article for now…/166a0b47ad7d4a07b007f5a6b966c390?sn=19

2012 Elections if they were held today I would vote for

In the number of  preference here is who I would want to be the fourth President of Ghenya

  • Raila Amolo Odinga
  • Maritha Karua
  • Musalia Mudavadi
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