Raila is a populist

A few alcoholics in banana drink to their death this past weekend and raila rushes to banana and promises that the government will provide funds for the burial of dead.  I am like why should I as a taxpayer have to pay for anyone funeral. let the families of  this irresponsible buggers pay for their funerals I am mad that they were taken to public hospitals and ended up using resourcers that can be used to save more useful lives

Like one blogger stated that ‘raila does not see any microphone he does not want to breathe into” and like Muchamaa wakoli would say ‘Hata mama akienda choo una comment kwani huna kichwa mzuri” Raila is another moi in waiting


2 thoughts on “Raila is a populist

  1. i think the same….these people should pay their bills…its the resposibility to know what is wrong and what is right…

    • njamba says:

      At least I know I am not crazy why should we be on the hook for this bill we already paid their medical bills in Kiambu and other GOK Clinics

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