How to beat Yokozuna brewers should Kenya introduce Prohibition (total outlaw of the liquid bread)

Now do not think this blogger has gone bonkers and is trying to take away your furahi day your lifetime partner dear bottle. NOT only am I asking for your separation from the dear bottle but I going a step further and saying that a public hanging of the dear bottle should be done at every village public square.  Now I am hearing many say this is  radical and unworkable.  They say dawa ya moto ni moto. Dawa ya Yokozuna is not the Mututho skinny law but a Big hatchet the size of the city clock to smash every bottle in our beloved country into pieces and in place of it  open coffee cafes and tea rooms where social gathering can be held and everyone can walk home sober stimulated and ready to toa mwimba and unyefu nyefu when they get home.

Anyway in all seriousness I think that since the laws in the books have not been enforced and they won’t be enforced anytime soon due to moribound administration we have today of gichunguruma and his nemesis tinga tinga. I say the women activist in the country side should take hammers and visit every bar whether it is selling legit KBL or Summit lager and smash the bottles to pieces.

It is time for women activitis to put the twigs down and go for a total ban.  Since elections are around the corner women must take this moment and take on alcohol issue as the defining issue of 2012 elections especially in central province where misery of this poison has been felt

I urge those that are doubting this to read the history of prohibition movement in United states of how it became the single women empowering movement of the last century

time for FIDA, KARUA and other women activists to say forget mututho get rid of Yokozuna and all his offsprings tusker, kenya cane etc

destroyer of men



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