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Mututho law – Yokozuna, kumi Kumi visviz lessons of prohibition in USA

Tonight here is in USA the local public television had a hour documentary on the prohibition era in USA  this documentary will be in four parts. The first one is dealing with the Genesis of the prohibition.  If can give a quick hits summary. American in the late 1800s was a wash with European immigrants who were most found in the cities. These immigrants were poor and were looking for better their conditions in the new found country.  These immigrants were living in squalors akin to our mushrooming slums of places like pipeline where the working class live.  However, these immigrants valued the social aspect of having a drink after a hard day at the factory or mill and would gather in beer salons that were located in the vice districts of the cities akin to our own river road and other dingy places and Mukuru wa kwa njenga for those who love the potent stuff.  However,  as entreprenuer found out they could brew alcohol with higher alocohol contenct and distill whiskeys the problem of inbrates grew and once harding working migrants became useless alcoholics who families suffered as the bread winner spent all the family earnings at the salons  and there came the good intentions of women from church who wanted to eliminate the alcoholism problem

Anyway not to bore you with the details the women tried civil protest and other means but later they were joined by a shrewd preacher who hire a “lobbyist” who crafted the single issue campaign of where you pick one issue in debate and advance the issue as the only important issue and so this lobbyist picked ‘stay dry” campaign and asked voters to vote yes or no and majority voted yes and with this they worked the until the controlled most the state government and focused on amending the constitution of the USA

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