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my people love me too legit to quit – Khaddafi

my people love, my people love, my people love ghaddafi to legit to quit

The Office of The Prime Minister is under seige from a Cabal of Political Carpet Baggers

The current public spat between suspended advisor of Prime Minister Miguna Miguna and the office of the prime minister is because Miguna has refused to toe the line and allow the cabal at the PM office to eat. The allegations by Miguna that there is corruption at the OPM are rigth the employees at the OPM been cited in several reports as being involved in corruption.   The cabal at the PM office feels that this is their time to eat and anyone who is rocking this boat needs to be banished to the political Siberia if not to Ngong to be munched by hyenas. Over the last four years since Raila started fumbling politically we pundits in the blogsphere have been calling for the PM to reorganize the PM office.  It was a good idea when the PM hired Miguna Miguna as a personal advisor because since then sanity in running the PM political agenda was restored.

The latest embrassement endured by the PM over the Kazi kwa Vijana scandal was due to Caroli and Isahkiah incompetence and mismanagement of the programme. The Prime Minister had to take the bullet and use his political skill to survive the scandal that was giving his opponents a chance to finally crucify him.

Right now Kibaki and Raila have a gentleman truce to work together but as next year starts things will change as Kibaki will come under a lot of  pressure from his camp to give them a free reign to take on Raila Politically. Being Kenya politics are personality based the PM still needs someone of Miguna miguna calibre to defend him.

However, this won’t be possible until Raila interests align with those who are working for him at the OPM. Since this not going to happen the only solution is the PM to fire all his front office and bring a Mr fix it. Who is the MR fix it? in 2002 Salim Lone was the person but i think he is not available and so it is time for Raila to look far and wide and bring a real Administrator close to Muthaura type and let his polical advisor do what strategist do ruffle feathers, pull tricks and make sure that the political magic hat is alway equiped with rabbits


The two last stading sub saharan dictators

Paul Biya,
Cameroonians must be the most docile Africans in sub saharan africa nothing seems to spark their need to get rid of the old Biya. Dictator Biya has been in power since 1982 making his reign to be one of the longest.  Here is a short biography of him

Robert Mugabe aka Comrade Bob

This one has defied all manners of sanctions, interventions his addiction to power and his ability to be the cunning fox has earned him the title of the Last of Mohicans. Since 1983 Comrade bob is still lording over Zimbabwe.  According to pundits the only way out for nester Mugabe to leave power is via the Pine box. At least MDC has tried but it is no match to the brutal machinery of ZANU..Next year is make or break year for Mugabe if he wins the elections then he will become  president for life

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Government should abolish public hospitals and establish National Insurance

The best way to solve the rot in public health system of  kenya is to abolish public health facilities and in its place establish a national health insurance then let the free enterprise establish the  rest. This will allow government to play an effective policy role and watchdog role without having to be involved in day to day running of healthcare facilities.  The Nation Hospital Insurance Fund should be expanded and made the national insurance carrier.

Then  doctors and nurses can go have their salaries determined by market forces rather by technorants at the health ministry.


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