How Much is the Tax Payer paying for Medical Bills for Politicians

After recent high profile deaths in kenya and terminal illness of cabinet ministers and state officers it is high time the public is told how much it is costing the taxpayer to cater for medical bills of the state officers

The death of Minister for Enviroment John Michuki has schocked Kenyans but with the death comes the question of who paid for his medical bills we know that all state officials usually request leave to go abroad for treatment from the president and who in most cases will grant State funds to facilitate the treatment. what is not clear is where the funds for paying medical bills are drawn out of in the national budget. And if the money spent is ever accounted for to the state and disclosed to the taxpayers.

we know that last year The minister of health Anyang Nyongo spent months undergoing treatment in the USA and all the costs for this treatment we paid by the taxpayer after he recieved a Medical grant from the state.

recently minister for Public health Beth mugo flew to USA to get treatment for cancer. According to Media reports the cost of treament will be 27 million and will be paid by the state.

The Late Vice President Kijana Wamalwa died in UK while undergoing treatment. All his medical bills were paid by the state but the state never disclosed how much was spent to pay for his bills.

other state officers who have gone abroad for treatement are Raila Odinga, Kibaki, Muthaura, et al.

So in the interest of accountability I think the relevant committee in parliament or other civil society watchdogs should request to disclose all funds spent to pay medical bills for state officers in the last 8 years.


One thought on “How Much is the Tax Payer paying for Medical Bills for Politicians

  1. njamba says:

    From kenya TALK

    Elephant Castle,

    God bless you! This is one of the best postings I’ve ever read on RCB. I really hope it generates some disclosure from the government.

    What really amazes me is how ministers go overseas for treatment and when they come back they cannot even admit what we all know: That if a minister has to leave the country to get medical treatment, the Kenyan health system is terrible! But what is more important, what is the Kenyan Government doing to improve the situation? Also, which ministers have gotten their overseas medical treatment paid by the taxpayer? Who should really qualify for this enviable benefit? Aren’t some ministers capable of footing their own bills? If every minister can qualify for tax-payer paid overseas medical treatment, where is the incentive for the cabinet to improve the Kenyan medical system???

    Good job with this posting.

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