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Tribute to Nigerians

A tribute song for Nigeria

Freedom of speech vs hate speech. Is calling an MP a Mupig, devil incarnated hate speech

Nguyai Mp of Kikuyu had Facebook blogger Njuguna arrested for posting on facebook that Nguyai was a NGUI INO (A DOG) and should go to hell. The issue here is if the man should be charged with hate speech and whether his statement is protected under freedom of speech which is a fundamental human right. I leave this to lawyers

I think the courts should comeout clearly and state what kind of speech is protected under freedom of speech and what can is hate speech. calling Nguyai a Dog to me is mean but it does not qualify to hate speech. Calling Mps corrupt, devil incarnates, mupigs, drug dealers while slanderous does not qualify for Hate speech.

anyway let us see if Nguyai has enough resolve to teach Njuguna a lesson.

It seems like Nguyai skin is soft as Jello. My advice to Nguyai the Mungiki commander is to get  a thick skin if he plans to win 2012 elections.
otherwise he should wear an apron and continue cooking tea for his BOSS Uhuru

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Only white Justice system can deliver Justice to Black People

Yes, you  read the title right. I am an African, I am a Pan African, I am a Patriot but I know that I do not have freedom if I do not have Justice. I know for peace to prevail I need justice and freedom. The African in the continent Africa is a free man, he is a freeman to governor his/her country, the African is free to run his/her economic system but the African has failed todeliver justice to the fellow African. I acknowledge that the whiteman committed murder, rape, forcible transfer of populations and all type of evils during the 19th century but in the turn of the 20th century the African fought and was able to be independent from the White oppression but instead of removing white oppression and replacing it with a democratic, social just and economically sound system the African leaders choose to continue with the template of oppression and injustice that the white was using to rule.

And so in the 1990’s to now the African leader has become the most brutal killer on this god’s earth and the only other salvage that can match his salvargery is the Arab. In East and Central Africa over 5 million lives have been lost in civil wars, in North Africa over 1.2 millon lives have been lost, in west Africa about 1 million lives have been lost all in a period of less than 50 years. the sad thing is that the African has not come up with a way to provide justice to the victims of these murders. It has taken the whiteman institutions to hold to account some the leaders that have killed their own people.

At this moment the International Criminal Court in Hague,International Tribunals paid by the West are holding to account few African leaders, militia leaders and all type of social misfits that have decided to kill and maim the fellow African for greed of power and money. The African Media both print and the electronic media are in the forefront of demonizing the whiteman for trying to offer justice to the African victims of the genocidal leaders.

The African racists are demanding that the whiteman leave the African to be able to kill fellow African with impunity and no retribution. Such is the hypocrisy that the African leadership is demonizing the ICC while offering no alternative to the prosecution of its murderous class.

For now I can say with conviction that only the whiteman Justice system can deliver Justice to Black People

In support of the catholic priest who denied the Lesbian woman holy communion

The media is going all crazy trying to demonize a catholic priest for denying a lesbian woman Holy Communion during her mother’s funeral. So what is the big deal? The Lesbian woman took vows during the confirmation process and if she breaks these vows then the Priest as the custodian of the process must deny her the privilege of taking communion. So the LGBT movement should Play by the rules and not expect institutions such as churches to change their rules to accommodate them. May be woman should have been informed in advance so that she would not be embarrassed during the Funeral

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