Freedom of speech vs hate speech. Is calling an MP a Mupig, devil incarnated hate speech

Nguyai Mp of Kikuyu had Facebook blogger Njuguna arrested for posting on facebook that Nguyai was a NGUI INO (A DOG) and should go to hell. The issue here is if the man should be charged with hate speech and whether his statement is protected under freedom of speech which is a fundamental human right. I leave this to lawyers

I think the courts should comeout clearly and state what kind of speech is protected under freedom of speech and what can is hate speech. calling Nguyai a Dog to me is mean but it does not qualify to hate speech. Calling Mps corrupt, devil incarnates, mupigs, drug dealers while slanderous does not qualify for Hate speech.

anyway let us see if Nguyai has enough resolve to teach Njuguna a lesson.

It seems like Nguyai skin is soft as Jello. My advice to Nguyai the Mungiki commander is to get  a thick skin if he plans to win 2012 elections.
otherwise he should wear an apron and continue cooking tea for his BOSS Uhuru

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