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Provincial Administration under Instrutctions from Office of President to “assist” RIG March 4th election

Mr. Francis Kimemia, CBS
Permanent Secretary,
Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Public Service
Office of the President, Harambee House
P.o box 62345-00200

Mr. Itea Aringo, CBS
Permanent Secretary
Provincial, Administration and internal Security
Office of the President, Harambee House
P.o box 62345-00200

Mr. Kennedy Kihara, EBS
Liaison, Parliament and Commissions
Office of the President, Harambee House
P.o box 62345-00200

Mr. Joseph K. Kinyua, CBS
Permanent Secretary
Office of Deputy Prime Minister &Ministry of Finance

Dear Kimemia,


The above subject matter refers.

Please be advised that the Commission is in receipt of formal complaints from the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) alliance of your being partisan in execution of your duties. You have been accused jointly and severally that you have violated the election laws by engaging in electoral activities against provisions of section 43(1) of the Elections Act which states as follows:

43. “(1) A public officer shall not—
(a) engage in the activities of any political party or candidate or act as an agent of a political party or a candidate in an election;
(b) publicly indicate support for or opposition against any party, side or candidate participating in an election;
(c) engage in political campaigns or other political activity; or
(d) use public resources to initiate new development projects in any constituency or county for purposes of supporting a candidate or political party in that constituency or county.”

You have been accused that:

i. On the January 27th, 2013 at Lake Elementaita Jacaranda Hotel, Mr. Kimemia met the Jubilee Alliance/The National Alliance Presidential Candidate Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William ruto from 22.20hrs to 23.15hrs behind closed doors.

ii. On January 29, 2013 at the Bomas of Kenya, Mr. Kimemia held a meeting with District Commissioners (DCs), County Commissioners (CCs) and provincial Commissioners (PCs). In small meetings within a bigger one and that Mr. Kimemia did appeal to the administrators to assist presidential campaigns of Mr. Kenyatta as they would be sacked if Rt. Hon Raila Odinga were to be elected president.

iii. As facilitation the administrators were promised sums of between ksh 5,000,000 and ksh 15,000,000 each. This meeting was attended by Mr. Itea Iringo and Kennedy Kihara among other senior officials from the office of the President.

iv. On February 9, 2013 in the company of Iringo and Kinyua, Mr. Kimemia met about 68 elders from Muranga, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kericho and Molo at Jacaranda Hotel, Elementaita where support for Mr Kenyatta was reportedly discussed.

v. On February 10, 2013 at the same Jacaranda Hotel, Mr Kimemia met eight PCs and about 20DCs and CCs. The administrators were transported in two hired buses. There were asked to initiate door to door campaign for Mr. Kenyatta and reminded them that they would be jobless if Hon. Odinga were to win Presidential Elections.

vi. There has been partisan activities by DCs, Dos, Chiefs and their assistants and village heads in Kitui, Siaya, Vihiga, Kakamega, Uasin Gishu and Kajiado counties among others.

In respect therefor of the above very serious allegations, the Commission demands that you give us a response within 48 hours. For avoidance of doubt a copy of the complaint is hereby attached.



Copy to:
Hon. Mutula Kilonzo, EGH
Secretary General
Wiper Democratic Movement Kenya

Hon. (Prof) P.A Nyongo, EGH
Orange Democratic Movement

HON. Dr. Esseli Simiyu
Secretary General,
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy in Kenya

Raila path to presidency

Uhuru support is in two kenya regions central and rift Valley. Raila support is in the rest of the country however because of low turnout in these regions Raila cannot win without getting some votes from Uhuru political base. After crunching raw data based on IEBC register here is what Raila needs to win:

win All key other regions that is western, Nyanza, NEP, Coast, Lower Eastern, Nairobi and the take the following percentages in Central 2%, Rift Valley 20% and Upper Eastern 10%. Otherwise the elections will head to 2nd round in a statistical dead heat and may be then he can hope Mudavadi supporters and Some central voters will see the light and vote for him

As of now if the returns show Raila with over 20% in RV and 2% in central then Uhuru will have to climb Mt Kenya and conceed. For Uhuru all he needs is to keep his base intact and take 10% of Nyanza (gusii), get Easter 45%, win nairobi with 5% and get over 17% of Western vote

A polarized Kenya seeks redemption

Can justice and renewed rule of law be ushered in by the upcoming elections. In this analysis I look at the two leading candidates and address the two issues Justice and rule of law.

The two major issues in the current elections are justice and rule of law (constitutionalism). Raila Odinga party and supporters claim that their camp will be able to deliver Justice to the victims of PEV and will support the rule of law bythe fact that their party leader was instrumental in getting the new constitution passed. the supporters of uhuru argue that he will support justice for PEv victims only if the courts are fair and charge everyone who had political responsibility during PEv and they demand that the two principals get charged first before their candidate can be summoned to court. the fallacy of this argument is that both the principals were investigated by Waki commission and although they were named adversely NO evidence was provided that could lead to their prosecution. However, in the case of Uhuru there was credible evidence and collaboration of witnesses on his role in PEv. Uhuru was lukewarm in support of the new constitution and as a key negotiator in Naivasha he was responsible for watering down the devolution clause. His running mate did not support the constitution so he cannot be trusted to implement it.

Knowing that Kenya needs to move on from the current polarization i endorse Raila Odinga candidancy knowing that he may be the only person at this juncture that can stop Uhuru an accussed criminal suspect and ruto who is accussed for crimes against humanity to rule kenya.

kenyans must decide whether they want Injustice or Justice. whether they want leaders of intergrity or indicted criminal suspects. the choice is clear as day and night. So excercise your Freedom and Choice wisely. Remember elections have consequences

ICC issues arrest warrant for Uhuru


Let us hope and make Peace possible in Mali

Before I die I want to visit Mali and I am hoping the set back with civil war going on in Mali is just a short lived set back and Mali will be united and reclaim her place in Africa as a leader in arts and a land of contrasts



This great song has the message that we all want to become a reality may the few elements that want to distabilize mali fail

Making High School Education Affordable (Work in progress)

Every year about 850,000 primary school students sit for final examination marking the end of primary school education. The exam determines the placement in high schools.  Only about 400,000 students get placed in high schools. This is because of lack of high facilities to accommodate student. Out of the 400,000 students some of them from poor families do not get to attend schools that they qualify for because of lack of school fees. In Kenya students pay school fees and government offers a subsidy of $130 per year for each student the rest of the cost is the responsibility of the student.  if Kenya is to compete in information driven job market then all 850,000 students who graduate from primary schools should be admitted to secondary school. So how does Kenya achieve this?

According to education experts the biggest challenge is lack of enough classrooms to accommodate the 450,000 remaining students. If we use 35 students per classroom as the standard the current need for high schools is 10,000 additional classrooms. If we take this further and say that every school should have two streams of each class in high school then we need an additional 6,428 schools. The simple way to achieve this is build high school adjacent to current primary schools this will help to ensure that the capacity of the high school will be determined by the number of students in each primary school. The government should offer money to build the school if we estimate that each class would cost about 3,ooo,000 so about shs 19.3 billion will need to be allocated to build high schools.  You may ask where will this money come from one way would be create a special tax (school local tax) to be paid by each home to go toward building the high schools.  the same tax should levied every year to fund school fees.  This will spread the burden of education to tax payers because we know the best way to expand the tax base is by having an educated population.

So when will parents pay for education you may ask? they will pay for education after the high school this will allow parents to put their resources towards educating their children beyond high school and so the number of students in universities would increase and the number of skilled workers would increase. If this is done kenya will move towards creatingquality human capital and reducing youth unemployment

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