A polarized Kenya seeks redemption

Can justice and renewed rule of law be ushered in by the upcoming elections. In this analysis I look at the two leading candidates and address the two issues Justice and rule of law.

The two major issues in the current elections are justice and rule of law (constitutionalism). Raila Odinga party and supporters claim that their camp will be able to deliver Justice to the victims of PEV and will support the rule of law bythe fact that their party leader was instrumental in getting the new constitution passed. the supporters of uhuru argue that he will support justice for PEv victims only if the courts are fair and charge everyone who had political responsibility during PEv and they demand that the two principals get charged first before their candidate can be summoned to court. the fallacy of this argument is that both the principals were investigated by Waki commission and although they were named adversely NO evidence was provided that could lead to their prosecution. However, in the case of Uhuru there was credible evidence and collaboration of witnesses on his role in PEv. Uhuru was lukewarm in support of the new constitution and as a key negotiator in Naivasha he was responsible for watering down the devolution clause. His running mate did not support the constitution so he cannot be trusted to implement it.

Knowing that Kenya needs to move on from the current polarization i endorse Raila Odinga candidancy knowing that he may be the only person at this juncture that can stop Uhuru an accussed criminal suspect and ruto who is accussed for crimes against humanity to rule kenya.

kenyans must decide whether they want Injustice or Justice. whether they want leaders of intergrity or indicted criminal suspects. the choice is clear as day and night. So excercise your Freedom and Choice wisely. Remember elections have consequences

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