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To the Victims of PEV you won’t get jusice because failure of your government to cooperate

The lack of cooperation by the government has seen all ICC cases collapsing because of lack of evidence. It is a sad reality now that victims of crimes against humanity will never get justice. To Mutunga and tobiko you are the only last bastion of hope of the victims please do something and deliver justice that has been denied to these victims for so long. To fellow Kenyans while you celebrate that the political mandarins are going free know you may fall a victim of this violence in future and while yourself, your family or relatives, neighbors will be raped, maimed and even killed our courts including ICC will play politics with your quest for justice. We have endorsed to candidates that have been indicted essentially telling the world that we are willing to embrace “leaders” suspected for crimes against humanity.

I predict that in 20 years there will civil war and genocide in Kenya if no one is punished for PEV. So like the Swahili will say “Ukiona kichwa cha mwenzako cha nyolewa chako tia maji” loosely translated “if you see your neighbors head getting shave start preparing your head for a shave too”


kikuyu and kalenjins have won the battle of tribal supremacy

Yap the elections in Kenya are not about issues but tribal supremacy and whatever camp has the tribal numbers wins. So raila lost to Kalenjin and Kikuyu voters. The country is split with 50.7% supporting Uhuru and 43% supporting Raila. the good thing about this is that uhuru cannot rule without having to take into consideration those that did not support him. since the coalitions formed closed to elections are not based on ideology I expect splits within these coalitions within a year.

Uhuru faces two big challenges ICC case and imperialists. He may win ICC case easily but the imperialists will give him hell and if he thought the campaigns were gruelling fighting the west will be another challenge and he better call mugabe for pointers.

remember the west never loses to negroes

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