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Is the Rift Valley Kalenjin Populace sufferingfrom collective Guilt ?

Is Rift Valley Kalenjin Populace suffering collective Guilt ?
Definition of Collective Guilt
Collective guilt is defining guilt that is shared by a group of people over an act or actions that is seen as shameful. It is not talked about, but does manifest. Afrikaners of South Africa have a collective guilt over Apartheid. So do the Germans on the Holocaust

What happened to in Rift Valley in 1992, 1997 and 2007 -2008 was horrific and traumatic for both the perpetrators and victims. The traumatic experience of victims is well documented but for the perpetrators it is not yet documented and there haven’t been a debate on this issue publicly. From my own observation is that the Kalenjins have gone to great length as a people to avoid any honest debate on their feelings about this. When most of the Kalenjin leadership or elites are confronted about this issue they retort that it was a result of provocation by then administration that made their people react “spontaneously” with grave consequences. They justify the carnage by explaining that the perpetrators were hooligans amidst them who are misguided. That is version I have heard from Elites.

However, there is a little small detail called “historical injustices” under the historical injustices Kalenjins have grievances centered around land. They feel that the current non-natives took land from them unfairly aided by the colonial government and post-independence government of Kenyatta and so my own assumption and reading of the situation is that every kalenjin holds this grievance and it is a socialized grievance that has been whispered from generation to generation. PEV presented an opportunity for the Kalenjins to reclaim their land and the madness was never spontaneous but a plan that was in the subconscious of the kalenjin and only needed pre-text to execute.

So in the Post PEV Kenya how this collective guilt gets addressed and how the historical injustices both for PEV victims and perpetrators get resolved will determine the future.
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