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nervous Jubilee plots to calm nerves

Sitting at the banquet table with the boos of an angry crowd outside does interfere with ones appetite. One rises from the table to go and take a look, find out if he has to do some fire-brigade work, or whether it is some much ado about nothing one can comfortably ignore

the statement above describes Jubilee government dilemma. The Jubilee administration is being faced by the following Politial and economic problems
1. Legitimacy – majority of the people who did not vote for Jubilee feel that the elections were rigged and the current administration is in office illegally and that it is the duty of the opposition to make this government fail by any means necessary. The legitimacy questions extends to all three arms of the government and none of these arms is seen as legitimate by the opposition supporters
2, Poor economy, the Kenyan economy is being faced by several challenges such as ballooning wage bill, collapsing tourism due to insecurity, high levels of unemployment especially among the Youth.
3, corruption every major jubilee project has been marred by corruption allegations and the recent payment of Anglo leasing contracts has not helped matters
4. Lack of better foreign relations. Kenya is a client state of the west, specifically America. Current administration is not seen as ideal administration by the Obama administration therefore Obama has not been keen on support it. To worsen the matters both the president and the vice president are indicted by ICC for crimes against humanity making it a public relations nightmare for the west to be associated with the current government
5. Insecurity..several terrorist attacks have forced the Western government to issue travel warnings and create a lot fear among Kenyans

President Uhuru promised a lot to voters during campaigns and due to challenges outlined above he is having a hard time delivering these promises. So “I believe” expectations have been dashed and replaced by bickering over government tenders and appointments within the coalition. These divisions within the jubilee alliance given the opposition a chance to challenge the goverment.

Raila is proving again that he is a master of political rhetoric and that he is at his best when he is in the trenches fighting the power of the day.

What unfolds in the next two months will be a pointer on whether this government is strong enough to weather serious confidence crisis that it is experiencing at the moment because even the staunchest supporters are starting to have doubts on the ability of Jubilee government to deliver

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